Crystal Frame Ultra Slim, Desktop

The Crystal Frames Ultra Slim are next generetaion Acrylic Light Frames - LED illuminated light frames with an incredibly ultra slim design – only 6 mm deep! They provide an appealing impression, offering the high impact of the bright illuminated poster and a halo-like effect around the frame. The desktop version comes with a practical polymer stand   The graphic can be exchanged in few seconds thanks to the magnetic front panel of the frame.

Key benefits

• Incredibly slim display

• Maintenance free - LED life is above 50,000 hours

• Energy efficient & economical - they use a fraction of electricity compared with standard light boxes.

• Easy to change graphics within seconds.


The Crystal Light Frame uses a special LGP (Light Guide Panel) ensuring even spread of light and extremely bright display and provides a smooth and uniform light output. 


Crystal Light Frame is a strong marketing tool for enhancing the impact of your promotional message in stores, restaurants and bars. It can be used for trademark branding, interiors, spacious night clubs, retail centers, offices and restaurant decor. Ideal for many types of environments - Estate Agents, Spa’s & Beauty Salons, Hotels, Bars & Restaurants, Reception Areas and many more.

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