LED Frames Cable Display

LED Illuminated cable suspension display

LED display windowdisplay is a perfect solution to attract the attention of clients of real estate agencies, travel agencies and information centers.

Different number and format of illuminated Crystal LED frames are hung using a steel cable and special tensioners for floor-ceiling, floor-wall or wall-to-wall installation.

The transparent edges of the illuminated LED frames and the almost inconspicuous suspension create a display with a clean, ethereal, yet premium design.

The LED cable displays  offer a flexible combination of a variety of LED frames, allowing effective display  solutions even in small windows.

The Wired LED display has two-sided visibility, clean design and excellent functionality, providing 100% visibility to your information, both on the street and inside the office, day and night.

The display comes with elegant Crystal Frame LED, 6mm thick, made of acrylic and illuminated with high-quality, energy-saving LED sources for bright and even illumination of the poster, without dark spots and unlit areas. Easily replacing the poster thanks to a removable magnetic front panel.


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