Displays with integrated transparent LCD

High-tech advertising displays innovative concept in product presentation

Production of various POS displays with built-in transparent LCD display - totems, presenters, dispensers and more.

Real product is placed behind the screen, control of the transparency of the screen, allowing the product to appear and disappear, interact dynamically with the special effects, video and other content broadcasted on the screen.
We will design and produce your display with built-in transparent LCD screens measuring 10.1 "- 84", by combining different technologies - LED illumination, 3D logo, glowing edges and others. The transparent LCD screen can be placed vertically or horizontally.


HD Resolutions
Plug & play or DS connectivity to content management over the Internet
Play video, 3D animation, flash, audio ...
Combining different technologies - LED illuminated panels and edges, accent lighting certain areas
Suitable for different types of products and displays: presenters, dispensers, totems, displays, display cabinets etc.


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