Touch screen LCD Totem 49"

Interactive Totem Touch LCD 49" 

Capacitive touch screen for better interaction 

A new model interactive informational display with a large capacitive touch 49" HD LCD  screen

High quality construction with an exceptional design in black color

Optional: Branding with your logo


The Interactive Touch Totem 49" gives the brands using it a conseptually new way of communication with their customers. It allows an interactive presentation of new products, promotions and activities. 

The Interactive Touch Totem 49" is an All-in-One device, powered by OS Android.

Technical description:

RK3288,2G RAM,8G memory ,WiFi, Android OS7.1

Dimensions: 186х68х5 cm, base 70х45 cm

Single-/ Double sided Singlesided
Montage Free standing / on feet
Color Black
LCD 49"
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